You are warmly welcome to the Department of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Cape Coast. Our Department is strongly positioned for competitive leadership in agricultural engineering training and applied research. Our approach to engineering training is interactive, hands-on practical skills development, tailored to nurture professional competence to enable our graduates to perform efficiently in industry and academia. We are engaged in several research projects aimed at providing ground-breaking solutions to real-life problems in the agricultural value chain. In addition to teaching agricultural engineering courses in the general BSc Agriculture programme, the Department offers a BSc Agro-Processing programme. The BSc Agro-Processing programme is designed to prepare the graduates to begin a career in the food industry. In this programme, students learn to process high value food and bio-based industrial products, and develop the competencies required for managing the agro-processing industry. We also offer research-based MPhil and PhD programmes in Food and Postharvest Technology, Irrigation Technology and Management, and Agricultural Mechanization and Machinery Technology. We have well-qualified and dedicated staff to support and guide students throughout their studies and beyond to achieve their career goals. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the range of programmes and the excellent opportunities we offer.

The Department of Agricultural Engineering was established in 1991 as one of the five academic departments in the School of Agriculture. As an academic discipline, the Department trains students in the application of engineering principles and technology to facilitate agricultural production processes and to alleviate the related drudgery. The Department is also engaged in research, consultancy and technology transfer to promote agricultural production and improve rural livelihood in Ghana and beyond.
The scope of study and activities in the Department covers four key areas, which include:
1. Farm power and machinery (design, fabrication, operation and maintenance of agricultural power sources, tools and machinery).
2. Soil and water engineering (irrigation and drainage, soil erosion control, water harvesting, storage and use for irrigation).
3. Postharvest processing and storage (shelf life extension of fresh agricultural produce, agricultural produce processing, preservation, packaging and storage).
4. Farm structures and environmental control (design and construction of animal housing facilities, storage structures, rural infrastructure and environmental control of agricultural buildings).


To be an academic department strongly positioned for competitive leadership in agricultural engineering education, consultancy and technology transfer in Ghana and beyond.


The mission of the Department shall be to:

1. Lead in the delivery of demand-driven, career-focused agricultural engineering training programmes.
2. Actively engage in ground-breaking research to promote agricultural production and improved rural livelihood.
3. Share knowledge in innovative agricultural technologies through outreach programmes.
4. Build strong partnerships with local and international corporate institutions to deliver life-transforming research and development agenda.
5. Promote scholarship and professionalism among academic and supporting staff.Engage in income generation projects in food production and processing.

  • Academic excellence
  • High level of professionalism, integrity and ethical practice
  • Self-discipline and mutual respect for each other
  • Commitment to duty and teamwork
  • Equal opportunities for all

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